Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mango And Mint Milk Shake


A few months back:

Qya (after returning from school and very excited): Mama, teacher asked me to bring a picture of my favourite fruit to school!

Me: OK, so what is your favourite fruit?

Qya: Mango! Mama, I want to eat a mango!

Me (surprised, because I couldn't remember when he ever got to eat a mango): But it is winter now. We get mangoes only during summer.

Qya: What is winter? Why is summer not here?

Me: Winter is when the days are cold, and summer is when the days are hot. You have to wait for the hot days to get your mangoes.
Qya was disappointed, but decided to wait for summer.
The very next day:

Qya: Mama, it is warm today. Is summer here? Can we buy mangoes?

Me: Qya, summer is not here yet. We need many consecutive warm days, eh, many warm days to come one after the other, only then would we get mangoes.

Qya was disappointed again. And when summer did finally arrive, he forgot all about the mango being his favourite fruit. But the king of fruits is everywhere, and a sweet, succulent, juicy mango with its glorious fruity aroma is not something I can resist.

How about we celebrate the heat with some delicious mango and mint milk shake?


2 cups fresh mango chunks
1½ cup chilled milk
12-15 fresh mint leaves
4 tablespoons sugar, or according to taste

Blend together all the ingredients until smooth and creamy. Serve in tall glasses, and garnish with mint leaves.


You can store the milk shake in your refrigerator for upto a day.

When choosing mangoes, pick those that yield slightly to gentle pressure and do not have blemishes on the skin. Or just smell them; ripe mangoes have a fragrant aroma. Also keep in mind that fibre free mangoes such as Alphonso are the best to eat.

You can refrigerate ripe mangoes in plastic bags for 3-4 days if you do not want to use them immediately. However, if you want them to ripen just a bit more, then keep them in brown paper bags in a warm place.

Most importantly, before using mangoes, wash them thoroughly. Infact, an even better idea would be to leave them in slightly salted warm water for half to one hour, rinse them and then peel the skin off before eating.

Good Day!  


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  2. Wht a lovely click...Looks tempting.

  3. your mango and mint shake looks really tempting. I am salivating here.

  4. wow...
    delicious milkshake with lovely clicks :)

  5. Delicious milk shake,must be a flavorful..never added mint leaves to milk shake,will try it ....

  6. Delicious & refreshing,one of my kids favorite too..yummy!!

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  7. wow...this looks fabulous...very nice combo and ur clicks are very nice too!

  8. looks very nice,great talent

  9. i simply love the pic and yes mangoe are surely hard to resist :) the mango shake looks delicious.. your photos look very artistic... great job!

  10. Looks delicious. I love mangoes!!!

  11. Looks awesome.. :) Wow.. Mango and mint.. Great combi!.. First time here n Glad to be here and to follow you!..


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